Garbage and recycling receptacles need to be emptied regularly to avoid unpleasant odors in the home, and to keep bins from overflowing. Garbage bins can also accumulate dirt and bacteria from food and liquids. Our team empties your receptacles and even wipes them down and sanitizes them, for a cleaner and fresher smelling home.
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waste bins in the kitchen
emptying waste bin under kitchen sink
As part of our home cleaning services, our cleaning team does the following:
Empties all recycling bins
Empty garbage receptacles
Wipe down and sanitize receptacles as needed
Dirty garbage and recycling bins can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, critters and bugs. With a regular home cleaning, you can come home to the smell of “fresh”.
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Why Is Garbage Removal Important?

Garbage receptacles around the home fill up quickly, so it’s important to empty them out on a regular basis to avoid them from overflowing.
For rooms like the kitchen, garbage receptacles can harbor harmful bacteria and can even lead to pest issues if they aren’t regularly emptied. Food waste can also produce unpleasant odors.
Heavily used receptacles, like the ones in the kitchen, can also get messy from food waste and liquids. Without a proper cleaning and sanitizing, garbage receptacles can spread bacteria when garbage bags are replaced. Cleaning receptacles is not just sanitary, but also helps to keep your home smelling fresh.

Garbage Removal Tasks We Perform

Kitchens can get pretty messy, especially if you have a large family and do lots of cooking and dishwashing. Here’s what you can expect from us when we clean your kitchen as part of a home cleaning:

Empty Garbage Receptacles

Our house cleaners will empty dirty garbage receptacles throughout your home and take them to a designated spot of your choosing. We’ll also put a new bag in place of the old one so that it’s ready to store more trash. Is it garbage pickup day? Our team will gladly take the garbage to the curb for you, just ask!

Empty Recycling Bins

Our cleaning team will also empty out recycling bins that are full and replace the bag with a new one. We’ll place the full recycling bag in a designated spot of your choosing, or take it to the curb if you ask us to.

Wipe Down And Sanitize Receptacles

During a home cleaning, if our house cleaners spot a garbage or recycling receptacle that’s dirty we’ll wipe it down and even sanitize it so that it's clean and doesn’t produce unpleasant odors.
Our house cleaners clean take our the trash as part of any of the following home cleaning services:
Other cleaning we perform as part of a home cleaning includes:
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Benefits of Garbage Removal

Cleaning a home isn’t just about removing dirt and debris. Our team ensures that your home is left looking clean and smelling fresh. Here’s how garbage removal helps accomplish that goal:

Garbage Free

Garbage removal is essential not only for a clean environment but also the safety of both pets and those at home. Our frequent garbage removal service ensures your home is free of garbage.

Sanitization Of Receptacles

Waste receptacles and trash cans are a vital aspect of a food safety plan. They can be a source of pathogens, viruses, and bacteria that contaminates food. Clean and sanitized receptacles help keep your home safe for you and your loved ones.

Reducing Odors

Unpleasant smelling garbage is not just an annoyance but also attracts raccoons, rats, flies, and bugs. By emptying, cleaning and sanitizing your garbage cans, we are able to keep the odors, and pests, at bay.